22 comments on “Chinese Female Character Names for Future Dynasty Warriors Titles

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. Means a lot to the major fans of the DW series, me included. And I also am happy to see this change. At first when you said name change I thought you literally meant the team was planning on entirely changing their names to one’s totally inaccurate. Haha so at first I was like, “OH NO. KOEI…Come on now.” But this is a nice change for the better.

  2. Xing Cai –> Xingcai…
    Isn’t it possible for her to become Zhang Xingcai instead ?

    And Bu Lianshi,
    Huang Yueying
    Wang Diaochan

    Keeping Zhenji is not really good however.
    Changing Da & Xiao Qiao neither, as Qiao is their family name.

    • I agree. Though I think Diaochan should be left that way, because Wang Yun was only her adoptive father, not biological. I would love to see a Huang Yueying though!

  3. That would be weird but maybe with time, I could get used to that.
    Do you think, in a near futur, you would also add their style name/courtesy name like “Zilong”, “Kongming”…?

  4. I don’t like it, it looks less professional :( my favourite characters are Xiao Qiao and Zhen Ji but having them like Xiaoqiao and Zhenji looks like there less of a character the the rest (both male and female) and sort of looks lazy are you part too…. I’m not to please about this change :(

  5. Nice! I’m liking the changes! I can understand Zhenji since it was her title and the Chinese characters represents Zhenji anyways. About the female’s last names I wouldn’t worry too much about that, especially if the game doesn’t even refer to their last name with a Chinese character like for example Bao Sanniang or Wang Yuanji. Their last names are clearly stated with Chinese characters. Lianshi’s last name isn’t.

    Now is it possible for Styles names (Mengde, Zilong) to get in too? I can’t tell how many times when I play the ENG version of the game with JP voices and whenever Zhao Yun yells out “Chou Shiryuu!” my mind just automatically translates it to “Zhao Zilong!” even though the text said “Zhao Yun” because I know for a fact ‘Shiryuu’ doesn’t translate to ‘Yun’. Plus it’ll would kind of give a sense of a character’s personality and relationships. Because I know that Xiahou Dun refers to Cao Cao sometimes by his style name in the JP version which shows they were close.

    Of course, people may go “Who the heck is Zilong?!” but keeping up with the style and courtesy names shouldn’t be hard. Might give the game a new dimension too if the importance of using style names were used.

    Will Aya from SW be affected too? While I’m not too familar with her names, I saw that on the WO3 wallpapers, her name was ‘Ayagozen’ and wiki it was ‘Aya-Gozen’. I’m going to assume that ‘Gozen’ is a title. I’m not saying anything about Gracia on the Garasha thing because I already know what’s the deal with her. And what about the SW girls who had ‘-hime’? Like Inahime or Kaihime, and Nohime?

    Well it’s too late now but I do hope in the future, the SW name order goes last name, first name. Just a thought and it doesn’t affect me too much. (It’s just how the SW characters are split up in the roster that annoys me.)

    …Wow this was a lot longer than I expected. Hope you can read all this and consider them. XD

  6. I actually don’t mind if names are going to be used a little more accurately. However, I do take issue with a few things in this lineup.

    – Zhen Ji was, infact, Zhen Ji in history, or more accurately Lady Zhen. While her given name is unknown and often debated, she was most definitely from the Zhen clan. Therefore, it should be kept as Zhen Ji.
    – Similarly, Xing Cai, regardless of the fictional biography used for her in the Warriors series, would’ve been of the Zhang clan and thus known as Zhang Xingcai.
    – While I don’t know for certain what Lian Shi’s historical name was, I do know she was related to the Bu clan. Bu Lianshi would fit better than just Lianshi, if this is true.
    – Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, technically, should’ve been Qiao Da and Qiao Xiao considering their clan name is Qiao. Of course, that also sounds awkward, if only because we’re so used to the former order. Not so much taking issue as just pointing this out.
    – As a few others have already pointed out, Huang Yueying makes more sense than just Yue Ying. Oddly enough, I also think it sounds better.

    As for the rest of the condensed names, like Zhurong, I don’t particularly mind. Sun Shangxiang and Sanzang make sense, and Zhurong and Nuwa are fictional to begin with, so I have no opinion there. Since I have the opportunity though, one quick question: Why did Koei choose to call Cai Yan by her style name of Wenji? Just curious.

    • Historically, ‘Ji’ was NOT Lady Zhen’s given name because it was never recorded.
      The ‘Ji’ in this case just stands for “Lady/Consort”, hence Zhenji; like Cai Wenji and Wang Yuanji.

    • In the case of Xingcai, Yueying, and Lianshi, their last names have never been used in the games. They’re not a part of the kanji/hanzi that are present in the Japanese version, so I’m not fussed they’re not in the English version.

  7. Interesting changes! I like how the DW games are starting to get more and more accurate with their translations/verbage ever since “Cao Cao” got corrected in DW6 + the full-on pronunciation corrections in DW7. Loving it all, even if it does force me to re-adjust to the names. lol

  8. As for me, it’s weird to change like that because most of them are lack of their surenames.For example xingcai is actually ‘xingcai Zhang’张 星彩,yueying is ‘yueying Huang’黄 月英etc. In addition, add style name is not so feasible coz female charactors don’t have a style name/courtesy name.

    but u know its a Japanese game and we chinese have to look on trouble with indifference. anyway, to show the respect of our history, it would be better not to change it, but as a game we may not be so serious about that.

    Xiao qiao and Da qiao are not their real name coz no history recorded their full name. ‘Qiao’ is their surname. ‘xiao’小means younger,’Da’大
    means elder. elder sister called Da qiao, younger sister called Xiao qiao.In this way, its not so important to change the name of those females who missed their fullname.

  9. I think this is good, but with the two Qiaos, their names should be left alone. The “Da” and “Xiao” aren’t actually part of their names; they’re just titles. Having their names without the space would be like writing the nickname “Big Bertha” as “Bigbertha.” For the women, it makes perfect sense (and it would be even better with the surnames, like Sun Shangxiang and Wang Yuanji have), but “Daqiao” and “Xiaoqiao” are not actually names.

  10. Sounds good to me, but I agree about using their full names, like Huang Yueying. Not really sure why those have been avoided until now.

  11. For God sakes, don’t use those style names. Do people not realize that Zhao Yun’s name was Zhao Yun and not Zilong? Goodness.

    But I agree with the use of surnames. It makes their names fit in better with the men, too. And less fake sounding. Like Huang Yueying. Just.. has a nice ring to it.

  12. I think they kept it like that until now was for us non-asians to make them easier to read by using the word separation.

    • Having been Chinese myself, and a fan of the history and the game, (two likings not exclusive shared) I think the corrections of names is commendable but unnecessary. What I really want is the characters’ names in kanji on the selection screen, with the English names hovering as a help text.

      I personally found odd that we are discussing how the names should be pronounced when those names existed in 200 AD and the language we use to map them is one heavily modified by Mongolians and Manchurian. If anything, some of the Japanese pronunciations are probably closer to the original sounds than modern day mandarin Chinese.

      One more historical note on those of you who wants last name on the female cast to make it sounds proper. Traditionally Chinese women abandon their family names upon marriage and use their name only. Only maidens will have their full names.

      However, once the women receive prestige, her surroundings would honor her by addressing her by her maiden last name again. E.g. Sun shangxiang would be Mrs. Sun and not Mrs. Liu.

      The only woman not falling under this category would be Zhurong since she was tribal.

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