16 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – Attack Category Characteristics

    • Don’t think so at the moment. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge has been announced for WiiU but not sure about 3DS. I haven’t heard about it yet myself.

  1. Are you serious? Can you explain to me as to why I can’t get a hard copy in the US and only in the US? I mean, even the European Union gets an English copy and technically so do we in the North Americas… so why don’t we get a printed copy? Do you not sell enough, over here?

  2. This may be a silly question to ask but I will ask it anyway. Could we possibly see a PS3/360 release of SW3 and SW3:empires this way as well? I would rather have the game subbed than not have it at all.

  3. Hey. do you know if we will get all the dlc for warriors orochi 3 here in europe? like da ji santa costume and so on?

  4. Thanks for the update Chin!

    Reading all about those special skills was quite interesting. I’m definitely picking up a EU copy of the game when it’s released (AUS Koei fan here).

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