15 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – Edit Your Stage (Battlefield) Guide

  1. Totally Excited over this addition! With all that’s added so far, only the option create your own char (like dw6empires did…best as far as I think) would make this game exceed perfection :D

  2. It may not be full stage creation (and I agree that would be very cool), but this is still an exciting first for the Warriors franchise and should unquestionably extend the experience of what looks to already be a pretty nice-sized game. I’m encouraged to see new creative features in these games and I hope that continues.

    Honestly, I’ve said this other places, but I would love and adore you guys if you’d go all out on creative options in a game sometime: create your own stages, create your own warriors–with more options than ever–create your own plots…heck, just team up with Enterbrain and make “Warriors Maker!” But failing that, combining the ability to create your own warriors (with lots and lots of options) with the ability to create your own stages (with custom dialogue) would be great. There are some huge battles from my tabletop RPG sessions that I would love to represent in Warriors game form!

    • It’s more like a testing stage to be honest. If this really works and people really like it then maybe the team would look more into it :)

  3. Hi inspchin

    Please suggest your idea to the team (to the KOEI developers)! This is a great idea!
    It would be pretty cool if we can create our own textures, our camps, horses and ..etc…

  4. Hi inspchin

    Please suggest your idea to the team (to the KOEI developers)! This is a great idea!
    It would be pretty cool if we can create our own textures, our camps, horses and ..etc….

  5. Im curious to know Chin, if 50 points is all we get.
    I know alot of people had concerns that 50 points can only change a few things and is not very giving.

    Do you earn more points as you unlock stuff?

  6. This is really an awesome addition to the game! there should be something like this in every Warriors title from now on in my opinion. The only thing I don’t like about it is the 50 point limit, it allows you to change barely anything and is hardly enough to make our own unique version of the scenarios. Is there anyway to increase the limit? If not then my overall judgement on this mode is that it is one of the coolest ideas to ever grace a Warriors game but was lazily and poorly implemented. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh but I still love this game and I still love Koei, I always have and always will. I’ve been a hardcore fan since I was a tiny little 5 year old boy playing Dynasty Warriors 3 and have been obsessed ever since. This series has truly changed my life in so many ways that no one will ever be able to understand and I just want to thank Koei and all its employees for helping change my life and giving me the opportunities and dreams that it has.

    • If I could simply edit my last post I would but since I can’t I guess I’ll have to just double post. I want to take back what I said about the whole poorly implemented thing. Sure it may not be making full stages but its still a fun mode to mess around with after completing the huge and expansive story mode. Its a great start for an idea that I think myself as well as many others have been dreaming of seeing for a long time now. I hope to see Omega Force dwell even deeper into this idea in the future, I think it would add a lot of replay value and give each gamer a unique experience of his own each time he played a Warrior game.

  7. This is great, But Why aren’t they getting English Voice Overs?
    (Idk if it’s true but i heard that somewhere)

    I mean, It’s just a huge downer for me because my parents won’t let me get a game that I can’t understand. And they won’t care about the idea that the subs will be in english. I really wanted to get this game, especially since SW3Z Isn’t hitting America.

  8. Looks great, but i have some suggestion how about to edit a battlefield, how about making it more like a minecraft one or like this one
    1) CHoose a shape of the battle field you like
    2) Then use a material/preset option for field like camps,water,etc.
    3) then choose where to put the officer and finished!

    But yeah it might a little bit too hard, anyways good luck for all of your koei series, oh yeah some new dlc weapon coming around next month right after the release of moon cutting blade this March 8? Because out of all the dlc i like, i find myself the dlc weapon the best, so that every characters will have unique weapon!

    • If i can edit last post, then i wont do this. So i want to ask about the dlc weapon that has been released on this musou 6 homepage:http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/smusou6/dlc/
      AS you can see, the weapon like iron boat being held by huang gai, and short pike being held by dian wei, also mooncutting blade by ding feng, does that mean these dlc weapon automatically means it is their weapon for sometimes in the future dynasty warriors 8 or the next installment of dynasty warriors for example?

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