30 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 7 & Xtreme Legends DLC Info (March 2012)

  1. XTREME STAGE PACK 2 ? Isn’t it the 4th ?
    NEW WEAPON PACK 5 ? Isn’t it the 3rd ?

    So we are now approximately up to date for the stages.
    But still have a huge gap to fill for the weapons.
    However, this batch of DLC is just awesome ! Can’t wait for the weapons and BGM !

    You made my day.

    • Sorry. Xtreme Pack 2 is Xtreme Pack 4. The Weapon Pack is 5 I think that’s based on what we have released in DW7 so far. So it’s:

      BGM PACK 2

      But man, thanks for pointing that out <3

  2. Cool Chin. Please could add 2 more weapons as bonus. Pretty please with honey and cherry on top thank you.

  3. Hang on a second. I have neither version, but if I bought the DLC weapons and only had Xtreme Legends, I couldn’t use them? Why? Are they already in the game?

  4. + for the stages and buckler
    – rods and wallpapers

    *hoping for twin fans, cao pi dw5 sword, boomerang, gan ning previous move set
    +a bonus would be that events can play in gallery in custom outfits, changeable bgm before battle

    • Boomerang is already out in Japan, and will probably come in May.
      Chin said their will be 2 weapons in April as well.
      These will probably be the long sword and the iron boat.
      Then, in may, we will have the boomerang and the ring blade.

      We don’t know yet what is next :(

      • Long Sword and Ring Blade? I know the Long Sword is Liu Bei’s original weapon motions ,but where the heck did the ring blade come from? And the Iron Boat?

  5. So, wait… the new weapons don’t work on Xtreme Legends? Why is that? Or am I misunderstanding?

    • The Weapons will work in Xtreme Legends, but when you download them, they’ll be under the “Dynasty Warriors 7” section of the PSN/XBL Store rather than the “Xtreme Legends” section. The weapons do transfer over to the expansion.

  6. I have a question. I am planning to buy this game and I want to download some DLC. The problem is I am from Philippines how will I able to purchase this? Thanks :)

    • I’m from New Zealand and had the same problem. What I did to get around it was 1, Make a temporary Hotmail account. 2, be sure to list your locale as AUSTRALIA. 3, Create a new XBox Live account using the AUS Hotmail account. 4, Sign in to XBox live, you will have to use your credit card to buy MS points to download the DLC. When you are done, remove your credit card details from xbox.com and delete your AUS profile.

      Piece of cake.

  7. Hi Chin
    On the DW7 dlc site the XTREME STAGE PACK 4
    Seems to be missing. Please can you help?

  8. Thanks for all the info mate, koei warriors dosent seem to be posting this stuff lately, anywa i seen there bringing back zhu rongs weapon….. this is amazing :-)

  9. Hi Chin,

    Tell to your team to think of DLC characters. Not for DW7, but for future games. Imagine how it would work well. The fans would love to see characters in DLC.

  10. Hmmm I thought DLC would be stopped at April. I downloaded that weapons set and
    I have to say the rods and the buckler blade are fricken insane! I never used the rods before or the Pugil Sticks… And the Buckler Blade is just as awesome. So they are bringing back the boomerrang? Is there any other moveset weaopons being remade? Thats kinda all I have to ask and thanks Inspector Chin. The DLC info is well appreciated.

  11. I don’t think I’ll ever play Xtreme Legends again, it just wasn’t for me. But I still want to try and complete my DW4: XL which is just sitting in the dust at the moment. DW7 was good, much better than DW6 but it’s nowhere near as good as DW3 or DW5 was.

    By the way, I have wrote a post about some expectations for DW8 including the gameplay, story and characters. Won’t you read and comment with your opinion on what you expect to? http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/expectations-for-dynasty-warriors-8/

  12. I can’t find the dlc wallpapers for dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legends on psn i searched a lot but could find nothing or any other dlc of dynasty warriors 7 xl? please help

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