24 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – Officer Bonds + DLC Info

  1. Nothing to do with it (’cause I already knew all of this stuff), but..
    Do you know if there will be a DW7Empires or if the team will go directly to DW8 ?
    I asked this since many Vita owners seems to say DWNext does look like Empires.
    + the team announced an huge announcement for the end of the year on smusou6 twitter account.
    I’m wondering if this is related to DW8…


    • LMAO it’s really to those who don’t know this game yet, obviously you’re a hardcore fan but this is mainly for those who don’t know anything or haven’t done the research yet XD Sorry I can’t answer your questions right now you have to wait a little longer.

      • haha, at least I tried to extirpate some confidencial information from you.
        I was quite sure it won’t be a success, but I had to try ! Thanks man !

        I’m really looking forward to you to blog about 13/14th of March DLC for DW7.

  2. Hehe I cant wait to be able to have a teaparty with all my fave DW and SW gals :D
    After making friends with them so much individually (SW Chronicles/Dw6empires/Dw7) it’ll be nice to see what kind of interaction i get with them this time around.

    Hopes for a day if Chronicles Dynasty Warriors would become a reality

  3. Insp Chin,

    Hey I’ve always wanted to say hello to you but never had the chance to do so. Hello! I have a question. I noticed Tecmo KOEI has been doing many anime collaborations the last few years and I have a suggestion. Since you guys have a great working relationship with Namco Bandai (using the Gundam and One Piece license) do you think you could reach an agreement to use the Dragonball license? I know Dragonball Z is still popular and NB still comes out with those DBZ games every year but I have not yet seen a good console game based on Dragonball only. I think this would be a very good choice! Lots of revenue! Please let me know what you think! :-)

  4. Excuse me Insp Chin, do you know if both the 360 and PS3 will be getting the dlc? Since Japan didn’t get a 360 version I imagine they might decide to not release dlc for it. :(

  5. I dislike that there will be dlc, And due to that I will not be buying the game for a while. I simply can’t afford a game that after all the content is purchased to get the “complete” game will cost in upwards of a hundred dollars.

    Despite this, I would be willing to purchase dlc if the whole game were made available on the vita. Warriors orochi 2 was my favorite game on the PSP, and I am hoping a VITA release of WO3 is in the works.

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  7. Insp. Chin,
    Is there any plan to release dlc for an english dub with english voice actors? I know there are a lot of fans including myself that are extremely disappointed by the lack of an english dub. I for one HATE to read subtitles…it ruins the authenticity of the game for me! Please talk to the team and explain this to them. If this is the future for the WO, DW and SW series I for one will not be purchasing any future titles. Thank you so much!

    • Hmm, I really can’t understand this. How can usually a sub-par dub make the game more authentic? I hate dubbed games, heck, I have skipped few games because they were dubbed with no option for original language. I’m used to read subtitles, and I very much enjoy japanese language. People should learn to appreciate and respect other languages, everything doesn’t need to be made your way. You also listen to music only in english, right? No offense, this is just my view on this. = )

  8. Well if he listens to music in English, its probably because music doesnt come with subtitles…lol.

  9. Well if he listens to music in English, its probably because music doesnt come with subtitles…just my view on that ;)

  10. My point exactly… I listen to music in many languages while understanding very little. But I can read translations and just enjoy the music itself. Obviously this comparing is very stupid, much like complaining about subtitles. If I would play only games dubbed in finnish, and watch only dubbed tv-shows and movies, my options would be extremely limited. xD So Ryan and everyone else, I don’t think it hurts anyone if you don’t buy the games without the subtitles, these series are most popular in Japan anyway.

  11. 3 questions, will eu dlc’s be compatible with the american digital copy of orochi 3?

    also, are all our hopes to see Kenshiro as a dlc dead?

    MOST IMPORTANT, will the track SAMURAI SCANNERS be included in one of the dlc’s? Since it was only included in the 1.01 patch in japan and not in a dlc???

    Thanks in advance if you read this.

  12. Frankly I was surprised and overjoyed WO3 came to the west. The lack of a dub didn’t bother me too much though between you and me I thought the English voice acting in DW 7 was rather good.

    Regardless, I already put countless hours into WO3 and plan to invest even more. Since Tecmo/Koei already gives me a lot to begin with buying their dlc never feels “dirty”. lol.

    I remember not too long ago when you let me know WO3 was on its’ way. Thanks for that Inspector Chin!

  13. I was happy that WO3 came here at all. It was an unexpected treat! As is typical with the franchise I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth. Concerning the dlc, I’ll be happy with what I get! At least with Tecmo/Koei I get a “complete product” even before the extra weapons & maps start popping up on the marketplace. This is why when I do pick up dlc packs from them I don’t get a dirty sensation afterwards! Regardless, thanks for the information Inspector Chin!

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