5 comments on “I Became A Community Manager Because Of You

  1. One of the greater community managers out there.

    I have some long withheld questions on my mind whenever I play a Warriors game, I never found my answer because I never researched enough or interacted with the communities much. I think the best fan to ask is a fan within the company. No need to pick them all, just what you like. Thank you in advance! ^ ^

    1- What’s the different cultures in Japan and the West that hinders KOEI from further integrating with their consumers, to the point of influencing their development process? Do you believe there is a specific issue at hand, or just a longstanding habit that should be changed naturally with time? A lot of people nag, mostly haters, but there is some hardcore fanbase concerns as well.

    2- Do you think Omega Force understands the position its in and the community’s demands and concerns either in Japan and abroad? I’ve always formed an imagery in my mind that most Japanese developers are apathetic to the wills of its consumers, and I don’t know to what extent this applies on KOEI, if ever.

    3- What do you think we should do to increase the community and broaden sales? Is it better marketing? Or interactive community development? Maybe better games (content, gameplay, etc)?

    4- I noticed there’s a gap between North American consumers and Europe, from what it seems, TK is considerably more successful in Europe as opposed to America. Why can’t Dynasty Warriors sell as good as in Europe in the States? Is it because of the casual-gaming consumerist-hivemind that dominates America? Things like Call of Duty, buy Wii and emphasizing online when seeking games, as opposed to Europeans retaining a bit of delicacies-like fandoms in its consumerism.

    Thanks for reading this, and congratulations on a job well deserved. May you and KOEI prosper more and more!

    • 1. In Japan, they have MyGameCity so it’s easier for them to get the info. For Western it’s different, we have many big social channels like Facebook and Twitter these days, and people rather to go to these network rather than coming to the own site to share inputs on the data base, that’s why we need a community manager to collect the details and bring it and raise it to the development team for the process. So I think in Japan it’s more like people come to the house to have a tea, which in overseas, we have to go out to the main channels to get some drinks with people. So, it’s not easy.

      2. I don’t think they’re there yet. But I’ve always been asked for the opinion and that’s why I have to be open to be here to listen and of course be sensible knowing the company strategy and the fan demands, so I have to absorb both knowledge in order to finalize the decision, people can be as ridiculous sometimes though.

      3. I think for my role I’m more like providing info and share the feeling to the audience and vice versa, I don’t want to talk to people just because of the sales – if that’s the case, it’s not realistic and enthusiastic, so I’m not here to talk to you because I want you as a benefit, I’m here to talk to you because I’m one of you guys but I can pass the message to the team with how you feel.

      4. TK doesn’t have a community manager in US, I was hired because I was good enough and they explored me via KOEI Warriors and I was based in UK and that is why. Warriors titles are working well here in Europe for the community wise, and Team Ninja titles are way stronger in US than EU in media wise.


      • Wow, you answered them all, I did not expect that! Very interesting to hear from you, and it’s very thoroughly written, I’ll add!

        Thank you very much.

  2. Words can not express how valuable you are to us <3. Also the last picture with caution:careful when playing this guy in video games: the expression on your face is Priceless. You must be related to Bruce Lee <3.

    • Hi James, Hahahaha thank you. The last picture was done by my friend and I thought it was so funny to put it there and thanks so much I really appreciate this :)

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