7 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – Camp Guide

  1. Why there should be a weapon dealer, when the strongest weapon you can get is from the map you’re playing? I think it should be blacksmith then…

    And about the bond…what advantages you can get from the bond?

  2. Will the officers have their own unique weapons or will it be like the Strikeforce series where any officer can use any weapon?

  3. I’m from North America, if I preorder the EU version of WO3 can I still play it on my PS3? I want a disc instead of digital download

  4. Chin if we are playing splitscreen will we still get this screen? coz in dw7 after u see the animation at the start u will skip the part where u talk before the battle. This hindered some trophies from being grabbed. Will it translate over to this game?

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