8 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – Crossover Character Introduction, Moveset & Music Theme Showcase

  1. I’ve a small question about Nemea.
    Why does he have the DLC short pike from DW7 as a moveset ?
    I thought the moveset was made for DW :(

    • according to an interview with KOEI, he was given that move set due to the fact its very similar to his fighting style in TYRINITY: Zill O’ll.

    • Oh and i really wish you can give more dlc weapon, besides the moon-cutting blade which has been released in japan right now…and if you can hear what bgybgy says about twin canes for da qiao, then hear my request, weaponless martial arts for guan suo and jiang wei’s double trident from the strikeforce, this will declone some of the character, sorry for being a greedy person

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