22 comments on “Ninja Gaiden 3 Free DLC – April 3rd & April 17th

  1. ok makes sense

    i think the paid and free should be sorted out.
    6 costume cosrtume gears as paid? while 2 multiplayer maps are free.
    well I wouldn’t complain over this. At least the game will be getting DLC support in future!

  2. Thank you so much for the info.When will the online pass register for ninja gaiden 3 cause it keeps saying invalid entry after i put it in

    • Are you based in EU? As far as I know for EU is March 23 because that’s when the game comes out but if it’s for other regions, I’m not sure. You’re welcome!

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  4. Oh, new weapons! I knew that the weapons would appear, itwas a time question.
    New weapons are essentials for the gameplay get out of linearity..

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  7. This is great 2 free weapons and 2 new stages levels for clan battles. It would be awesome if Ryu get to use 2 nunchunks at once in story mode and multiplayer mode and get to use 2 swords in the game just like Ninja Gaiden 2 too. I hope we get more extra outfits for the ninja as DLC soon :)

  8. hey Insp Chin, will Ryu be getting the weapons that Rachel, Ayane and Momiji had in NGS2?

    I think it would be an awesome way to reference them, even if they arent in the acual game. I always love Ayanes Fuma Nodachi and Momijis Dragon Naginata play style.

    if those weapons were included in NG3 i would actually get the game as soon as a could.

  9. will there be single player costumes? also im very disappointed you cant pick what day you want to play after you beat the game!!!!! makes me want to sell it..

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