17 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – Out Now & Coming Soon

  1. Wow, Warriors Orochi 3 is gonna to have the Strikeforce costumes in DLC! o-o (It is said on the Japanese DLC page of the official website of Warriors Orochi 3). Can we have those costumes too for DW7/DW7:XL, please? It would be so great! *-*

  2. excuse me. I have a question ^^!
    how will the people in Asia region buy the game of PS3 version? via downloading online or simply get it from the game center?
    actually, in my region they bring the US version. rarely to find EU version.
    and I haven’t found it on PlayStation store T^T
    warriors orochi is very amazing and I’m really want it ;)

  3. hey quick question is koei going to give us a patch so that i can use the dlc outfits that i bought for dw7 (like fantasy and original) on warriors orochi 3???

  4. Are there any plans for english voices on a dlc????…a lot of us loyal fans are upset that we are going to have to read everything. It ruins the reality of the experience. Please pass this along to the team!

  5. Hi Chin

    Just thought I’d inquire on the DLC situation in NZ, I see that you guys have the Championship Jockey DLC available and just recently I see the online pass for Ninja Gaiden 3, does this mean that you guys now can distribute DLC content to the NZ store?

    It’s a bit confusing that’s all.

  6. Hi Chin ^_^

    I was wondering if there were any plans for Samurai Warriors Alternate Costumes to make it in as DLC, for example, Ina’s bow princesss outfit and Okuni’s longer hair with the white dress look. Thankyou.

  7. Thank you for doing everything InspChin. You really kickass dude. Thank you for doing everything you can for us fans.

  8. Hi Chin!

    I was wondering will the samurai warriors alternate costumes that made an appearance in warriors orochi z be DLC in the future for Warriors Orochi 3? Thankyou :)

  9. Could you possibly give us a clue about what DLC to expect in the near future besides those four weapons? I can’t wait for some of the extra stages.

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