111 comments on “Warriors Orochi 3 – DLC (April 2012)

  1. Hmmm, does this mean that xbox 360 users miss out on every costume pack? I’m beginning to think I bought the game for the wrong console…

      • Well, that’s a relief! thank you for that. I’m curious though, if they were to release WOZ alternates- which technically are SW1 alternates, will we not get them either? If it happens… which I don’t think it has yet. I was kind of looking forward to using Okuni in her SW1 alternative costume! it’s by far her prettiest! <3 Thanks for replying btw.

        • i agree with this 100% im dieing to have those samurai warriors 1 alts, they were in warriors orochi z so why not carry it over to warriors orochi 3?

  2. i think there should be a English audio for dynasty warriors orochi 3 i a really upset about this because i was looking forward to the game so much. but badly u have disappointed me!

  3. Hey, was really disappointed with the lack of an English voice dub. Any chance that we can see that in future DLC?

      • Okay, well do please persist. I, like many others I’m sure, would pay good money for English voice DLC! Thanks

      • much appreciated :) I for one won’t be buying it unless it gets an English voice option, which is a shame because I was originally looking forward to it.

        • Have to say that forgoing a purchase for this is something you should reconsider. This is one of the best Warriors games in recent memory. Yes, I’d prefer it if it had English VO (and I do agree–I’d willingly pay for an English voice pack), but after a few minutes with the game it didn’t bug me–just a little more reading, that’s all. If you don’t get this one you are really missing out.

          • I have to say, I’m agreeing with you wholeheartedly, I was a little un-nerved at the fact they never had the English audio included, But as you stated, Within a few minutes, I didn’t really care, Primarily due to the fact it’s an amazing game, I’ve followed the entire series, And have played and own most of the dynasty/samurai warriors games, I have also played most of the ROTTK (Romance of the three kingdoms) series to. I find the entirety of the koei designed games to be a never ending experience of fun, And I thoroughly enjoy it, It’s a great style of game, And an excellent time passer. Thus conclusively, You’re most certainly missing out of you do not purchase this game. Most definitely the best so far in the series of the orochi story line based games. Severely interesting to.

            • I’m just concerned seeing as the lack of english in samurai warriors chronicles actually spoiled it for me. I am often too focused on what I am doing and miss the text of officers speaking during battle, the speech during the battle and listening to the progression is partly what I enjoy, if I miss parts I get a little annoyed and the battle seems a little more lifeless when I don’t understand what’s being said. I may still get it at some point as I am a huge fan of the series, I am trying to play SWC a little more to adapt to the japanese voices, but I’m still not sure.

  4. So we are getting the dw3 and Strikeforce costumes for X Box? And is there any reason for this decision? I really wanted the wallpapers too :(

  5. Hey Chin, do you know if New Zealand PSN store will get the DLC as well? I remember we didn’t get DW7 DLC in NZ :(

      • Sorry, I don’t understand this reasoning at all.

        First and foremost would be because there are plenty of games with dlc that do not have New Zealand age ratings including Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, unless it is listed under a name I can’t think of. If Koei could give NZ dlc for one game without a rating why not the rest?

        Secondly, even if a rating was needed, according to the Film and Video labelling body website (www.fvlb.org.nz) their process would give all of the DW games the same rating they have in Australia (rated M and PG) as they are unrestricted.

        If further investigation could be done that would be great, I just don’t like that we are missing out on extra content for the games we love due to a reason that doesn’t make much sense.

        • man i agree with u 100% it sucks that we are always left out for a reason that doesn’t make sense why do we have to suffer for a small thing cause it is a good game but it a shame we can’t have more fun with the dlc’s

      • This doesnt really make sense. There is dlc for other DW titles on the NZ marketplace at the moment. They would have exactly the same rating. Seems a bit sour to find that you wont offer DLC to customers that want to buy it. Ive bought every DW game since 2(e.g. Legends, Empires, bar strikeforce, really didnt like that one.) Well, I think you have lost a customer from hereon(didnt even realise we didnt get DW7 dlc until read above(as in didnt realise any was released elsewhere), but now that i know…..its even worse). Its a digital download. It cant be that costly to offer it……or is it more to do with it would cost more to provide it than Koei thinks they’ll make back, instead of some ratings excuse?

        Im a paying customer supporting the game as much as any other customer who bought it(even though it didnt have english VA, which also was a massive turnoff). Peeved off to say the least.

  6. Just curious, why no 360 DLC for the old costumes? Love Koei, but they seem like they enjoy punishing us 360 owners again and again :c

    • I believe it’s the same as JP as far as I know. Because SW1 was released back in Xbox not 360 but they had the SW1 PS3 renders made at some point back from the SW3 release (PS3) in Japan?

      • That’s all fine and good but why the exclusion for the DW4 outfits? Those models were already done for DW7 on 360 and as this runs on that engine why can’t they just port those over (or better yet just let us use the ones we already bought for DW7). Seems kind of silly to start restricting content on the only version available on store shelves (in the US) as I’m sure I’m not the only one who passed on the PS3 version so that I could have a physical copy.

        And exclusive wallpapers? They can’t convert some images to a 360 format as well? That’s just silly.

  7. chin is the date for the weapon dlc wrong i check the dlc site and it say come out the 11th april and that today. i was wondering what i were gonna do with the weapon i have if there were no room for dlcs weapon i mean look how many different sword you can buy for sima zhao clearly about 8 or more different kinds, so we need more space for weapon since we can only hold up to 8. luckerly there a Special Weapon option for dlc or does mean something els?.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I just figured out it’s 11th because the game has pushed back for a week. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve made the correction.

  8. Any chance Koei will add dueling into the Warriors Orochi series? Either an empires version of this like with dynasty warriors 6 empires or any future WO games?

  9. SAMURAI COSTUME: please tell me that this dlc will be available for xbox360 down the road. If you guys keep doing this platform exclusive stuff I am going to have to find a different stress reliever. I already bought a WII to get SW3 and my favorite iteration of that SW3 Empires isn’t even coming over which made me pretty grumpy. Be awesome and give us WO3 Empires please!

  10. I would like to know if DLCs from the US PS Store will work with the PAL Version of Warriors Orochi 3? The retail version of the PS3 Warriors Orochi 3 is available here in our country. Thanks!

  11. “I believe it’s the same as JP as far as I know. Because SW1 was released back in Xbox not 360 but they had the SW1 PS3 renders made at some point back from the SW3 release (PS3) in Japan?”

    DW 3/4/5/6 outfits are downloadable for DW7 on 360
    SW1/1alt/DW4/DW6 outfits are unlockable for WO2 on 360.

    Sorry Chin, I know you are just the voice of the community team for Koei, but since that is your job, I must voice to you that your reasoning doesnt exactly have vaidation there. Koei makes less and less sense as time goes on, and they have proven they do not approve of the 360 man. Warriors Troy on 360 in europe and japan, but not US, when it was developed in North America…DW5E and SW2E being semi gimped on 360 music and create a warrior wise, 360 not getting DW7XL, and now this….

    Sorry if this seems like im nagging at you, you do a good job Chin, but as a 360 owner, its getting pretty annoying man…

  12. On the warriors orochi 3 jp dlc site, it says that there will be samurai warriors 1,2, and 3 special costumes released soon, are those special outfits suppose to be original? or will this pack include samurai warriors alternate costumes?

  13. Any chance of the DW7 fantasy costumes and fairytale costumes coming to WO3? They’re some of the best DLC around, it’s kind of a shame that they’re on one game and not the other.

  14. I saw in the wiki that on 360 there will be package deals, like stage dlc 1-5 for so and so, so can I wait til they’ll all out to buy them?

  15. Hi Chin! Are there any chances that we will get the Japanese pre-order and special costumes? Like the Santa costumes and Lu Xun’s pop-star one. Please release them to us! Thanks!

  16. I don’t understand why we 360 users are being punished for getting the game… No SW1 or DW4 costumes? Really? You forget that both Warriors Orochi and Warriors Orochi 2 were on the 360, and the SW1/DW4 costumes were definitely in both of them. So we have had them before. Heck, the DW4 costumes were DLC for DW7 on the 360 as well!! Such a shame we are getting the short end of the stick, again. Seemingly for no reason either.

    I don’t blame you though Chin, I know you do everything you can for us. So you have my gratitude. I just wish the big-wigs who make decisions like this had a little sense. It’ll just make more of the, already small, fanbase over here irritable.

  17. WO3 needs some english audio dlc my tv sucks and i cant read the subtitles so im lost on everything that goes on in the story some english dlc in the us would be greatly appreciated

  18. Does that mean the x box won´t get any new wallpapers or just these SW1+2 wallpapers because of the costumes?

  19. Okay, seriously checked the PSN for north america, and the DLC are not released. I read your comments about making the correction in the dates, no corrections are made because it is 4/12 and there is still no DLC for Warriors Orochi 3 on PSN. SO can someone please tell me the CORRECT dates on when these DLC will be available for WO3?

  20. Awesome… I don’t really care about the DW half having been an SW fan (Ironically because I preferred the costumes and weapons more…), and the SW half gets nothing for the 360. Cool… -sigh-
    Oh well.
    I suppose there’s possible hope for something in the future at least.

  21. hey Chin, i was wondering, will KOEI be releasing a patch for WO3 to incorporate the other DW7 Weapon DLC?

    You know like how they gave the Dagger Axe to Yueying, and the bombs to Dong Zhuo.

    you know, give the Pugle Stics to Daqiao, the spiked Shiekd to Cao Ren(i could see the flail going to Gan Ning), the Lightning Sword to Liu Shan, the “Arm Blade” to Huang Gai, the Boomerang to Zhurong and the Ring Blade to Ding Feng.

    I would really like to see those move sets in this game and help with the issue of the DW7 Clone move sets.

    Perhaps you could suggest this to the developers, as you did with the English VA issue.
    (again i’m thankful you did that for us, even if they said no, it was the thought that counts)

    thank you for your time.

    • download the weapons, and then when going to equip new weapons, press R1 to go over to a nother weapoon menue made soly for DLC weapons.

      • I can not speak english well.
        Thank you. But you dont understand me.

        I mean: Are these DLC-weapons regular existing in the game? So, can I unlock these DLC-weapons without download the DLC? Can I unlock these DLC-weapons, if I play and play enough Warriors Orochi 3 (with the characters) ?

        Or, MUST I download the DLC, to play with these DLC-weapons? Is the only way to play with these DLC-weapons, to download the DLC?

  22. First off, let me note that I know there’s probably lots of elements to this that I can’t see behind the scenes and I’m not blaming anyone here.

    That said, console-specific DLC is kind of…silly. For the console manufacturer, you aren’t going to attract people to buy your console’s version of the game just for fairly minor DLC. I could see DLC being an attractive point that determines which console version you purchase if the DLC is something huge, like expansion pack-level content, but for a few costumes or a single quest…I doubt it. I’m not sure where the threshold lies, but I’m sure it’s higher than “costumes.” So for the console manufacturer, I can’t see this having much of an impact, and it strikes me as kind of a silly thing to pursue exclusivity on.

    For the game publisher, on the other hand, having DLC console-specific is doing nothing but hurting your profits (unless the console manufacturer paid you quite a bundle for exclusivity, in which case…the console manufacturer is a bit silly, see above). You’re cutting out a potential audience for the DLC. In this case, for instance, I would love to have the SW1 outfits in particular, but I happened to purchase the game on Xbox 360, so I can’t. Thus, Koei lost a potential purchase there. (Heck, I love and adore Warriors Orochi 3 and am very likely going to eat up every DLC opportunity you give me, so any you don’t throw at me is pretty certainly lost revenue).

    I would really, really love it if the folks behind this would reconsider their decision and release the DLC for both systems, as I’m obviously not going to repurchase the game but I’d love to have this content.

    Ah, well. What happens, happens, and this is a pretty small matter.

    (I am sad to hear there won’t be additional characters. I still dream of the day that you guys realize the potential of the multi-universe / time-travel plot and let SW1 chibi-Masamune and SW2/3 adult Masamune coexist in the same game. That’d be hilarious, especially if you managed to give them actual dialog together.)

    PS: Warriors Orochi Empires would be awesome and needs to happen. And when it happens, it needs to have a character creation mode. ^_^

    • i too would love the SW1 version of Masemune, as well as the SW1 version of Oichi as well. i loved the dual wood swords and the cup-and-ball move sets. i would also love to see the two characters from Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, as well as the characters introduced in the (currently) Japan only DW:Strike Force 2.

      maybe even adding in a character creation would be nice, and if not as DLC, an expansion like an Xtreme Legends or Empires.

  23. So turns out that the special costumes for the Samurai characters are gonna be alternate dynasty warriors costumes. For example: Kai gets Wuanji’s red version of her main costume. (Costume 2 in dynasty warriors 7). Okuni gets what looks to be the summer outfit of wang yi (I believe that is her name. The new chick from DW7XL) If that is the case then they may do other special constumes for characters to make up the difference in costume numbers. Hope to God they release the SW1 costumes for 360, but I am very relieved that they are still planing all the other costumes. The strikeforce costumes in particular are a very fun idea.

  24. The DW7 DLC didn’t release in U.S. for xbox, will that post pone DLC stages that will becoming out on 4-17-2012 for WO3 and will everything be backed up or will they all be released tomorrow together?

  25. So Chin, any update on when the DLC is ACTUALLY going to hit XBox Live and PSN Network? You ought to inform the team managing that about how when you tell your faithful masses stuff and it doesn’t happen you lose credibility. :P


  26. So IDK whats going on, will there be american Voice overs? its not like i NEED it but still would be nice, kinda hard to read some of the text in battle when im hacking and slashing, also… when is any DLC comeing out?

  27. most likely appear early next week, around monday – wednesday. this is just my guess, nothing confirmed. I’ve read that they released a lot of DW7 and XL stuff this week so it got push towards next week.

  28. The dlc isn’t impressive. I was looking forward to them improving the online aspect of this game. It is severely terrible. Why would I want to co op a stage online with someone? There’s no score afterwards, its just pointless.

    2nd of all, I was looking forward to a competitive online experience, like I have my side while I battle my opponent’s army, etc. That wouldve been worthwhile to say the least. The game was good (story wise) but that’s it. I could care less for a dlc that only offers costumes and weapon styles if I can’t show it off online the real way.

    At least add a tower mode like samurai warriors 2 had. That offered fun replayability and it was challenging.

  29. I don’t see any latest DLCs for WO3 besides the weapon pack. When is it gonna come out? I thought it should be out now.

  30. “The new weapon can be equipped through Special Weapon.”
    can someone tell me where i can find Special Weapon please?

  31. The Wallpaper 1 DLC and the Samurai Costume DLC1 appeared for Xbox 360 too! I gues InspChin received wrong info O_O

  32. Any word on how to get the actual weapons? I beat all the levels, recommended build on Pure Warriors, hard mode, 2000 kills. Nowhere does the Lollipop (or any other weapon) show up. :(

    • Uh… yes, it does show up. The Lolipop is Xu Huang’s weapon… so go into his weapons list and hit R1/RB. It’ll switch to the DLC weapons tab.

  33. Just an FYI Xbox got the samurai warriors costume and wallpaper available as DLC you may want to update the info

  34. We want Dynasty Warriors 3 – “The Siege of He Fei Castle” as a DLC stage for Dynasty Warriors 7! :D

  35. I wish they gave kojiro sasaki a spotlight in these games (Warriors orochi), i know hes available as a character but he lacks a few things like his special technique “tsubame gaeshi” , and swiftness since i see kojiro as a speedy character and he should be in the speed category, also they should change his fighting moves if its possible, concentrating more on his nodachi only instead of him using that magical sword he summons during his charge attacks which i dislike. And about the way he looks its just fine with me, they should add a DLC of him with a cool armorless kimono and hes good to go since he lacks alternate costumes. And i think thats about it, if the changes are possible please do so since i crave this character so much, since each time i use him something seems to be missing and thus leaves me unsatisfied.

  36. Well, it’s been over a month. When is the next batch of DLC coming out? I want more stages… And the Strikeforce costumes.

  37. Wann kommt eigentlich ein dlc raus english /deutsch oder nur english denn japanisch regt mich soooo auf !

  38. Here’s hoping chin hasn’t just abandoned this blog for his tumblr, it’s just filled with personal pics and I just want to be updated on news :\

  39. seems you havent replied in a long time, well im not gonna buy this game if it doesnt have english audio as all the previous games have had, that to me just screams you guys dont care, its a shame really, I’ve been a fan since dw1 I owned all the games at one point or another, you cant even make the DLC available on all consoles or in all countrys, thats just weak. I thought you were a fighter, stand up to the “team” put them in their place, if not, go lu bu on their ass’s lol XD

    Im in new zealand, whats this age rating certificate bs for dlc? are there some nude DLC’s? unlike australia we dont ban games, we dont mind skin, or sex or whatever, hell yeah, add some sex scenes diao chan and lu bu woohoo beauty and the beast, I loved the english voice over for him in previous games.

    My ultimate team would have to be Lu Bu, Sun Wukong (real monkey king) and hmmmm…. pretty hard to say, whats it matter now anyway, dont bother releasing anymore games in new zealand if you cant even give us english voice overs and all DLC, thanks but no thanks.

    maybe CAPCOM will ressurect Devil Kings… regardless, I’ll just stick to DW6 possibly 7 if it has english VO’s and only if it turns out to be better than WOZ aka WO3.. else gameover man, im through.

    C U

    p.s I’d settle for half the roster being in english, the samurai warriors in japanese… (you guys should get the voice actor from the yakuza games, his voice is awsome he could be like tadakatsu honda maybe) and all DLC being made available in NZ I was going to buy this game like tomorrow, now, possibly I never will buy another ever again.

  40. Conrad said “Okay, well do please persist. I, like many others I’m sure, would pay good money for English voice DLC! Thanks”

    I had to give that a big thumbs down, I wouldnt pay a cent for something they can easily add, just by ripping the VO’s directly from the previous games, guess they are just too lazy, or just dont really have the skills to pay the bills lolz.

    if theres a warriors orochi 4 it should be better as 3 is just basically WO 1 and 2 combined with a few added extras…

    still, if there is going to be a part 4, its along way away, and even then may not have english VO’s lolz I’ve said it before, games are slowly getting worse and worse..

    I agree with what another person said somewhere high above, pvp battles not just arena battles tho that’d be a welcome addition, but army vs army, totally, see who can wipe the floor with the other, sure some people would go directly for the main objective, assuming its not yourself, but so what.

    I think in some instances you should be the main objective, and some not. all depends on the army. if the opponant is not the main objective, if he dies, the game should continue without him, and or, he should either be given the choice to exit game, or wait like 5 minutes to respawn, geez I really need someone to hire me as a game desiginer… seriously… gold.. also while waiting to respawn the dead guy could watch the battle through other officers eyes like in call of duty and or like a birds eye view cam, o hell yeah… seriously, hire me, lol. or I dunno.. I dont really want to give out my email.. I do frequent pchat its a software client you download, im often on the chat palace server under the guise SHADOW

    lu bu needs his own story mode.. his own army… give him zhang liao diao chan, and whoever and whatever..


  41. ahem last 1 I swear, not only does lu bu need his own story, even if its entirely fictional but his daughter Lü Lingqi should be a playable character aswell… oh and with the mentioned above, army battles could consist of more than 2 actual players, I’d say between 4 to 8 players. 4 on each side.. it should play as normal tho, constantly gaining xp, big xp boost for killing other players, find weapons ect. I can picture a 2v2 or 3v3 now…. looks and sounds awsome, haha… oh and create your own characters with a choice of a few differnt voice over weapon sets and storys to choose from XD

  42. I am from Turkey and I am using my country’s psn account naturally.I want to play warriors orochi 3 but since its digital for psn usa,it doesnt exist in psn tr.Will WO3 ever be active to buy in PSNTR?

  43. I remember the older ps2 ones had fairly cheesy voice acting for the most part. I wouldn’t imagine it would cost that much for amateur voice acting. It’s not like you have to hire big name actors for the voices but then again you guys don’t actually have to do anything about it. I just find it somewhat hypocritical how im reading about how this game is high in fan service and yet there isn’t even crappy english voice acting. Putting my personal feelings on that aside, money wise i don’t see how no english voices whatsoever could have possibly saved money for the company. It would of been released on disc for ps3 and im sure more people would of bought it not to mention it would of been $60 retail and not just $49.99. And of course there’s the 11gb file size which temporarily needs 22gb of space. Im sure that negated some potential purchases to. Really overall it seems not providing english audio was a bad move financially. People will say that voice acting is highly costly but of course that can go both ways. You guys should of seeked budget voice actors to be able to get an on disc release of this game for ps3. Perhaps you should go back in time and counteract this awful financial strategy.

    • I also forgot to mention how up to 5 people can share their downloads per PSN account. So who knows how many people got this game for free from one of their friends. Once again, awful financial strategy lol.

  44. i hav a quiz…….how 2 use them? lol i downloaded them but i cant choose any of them….
    how the hell can i use them??? plz help

  45. after discovering that DW6E have DLC that japan hogging to them self now worry this game will get the same treatment if any more koei games (possibly the upcoming DW7E )do the same treatment in the future them i’m sorry as a loyal koei fan your gonna lose a fan and possibly more, sorry inspchin for talking like this i’m just not happy now

  46. I have trouble playing on my tv because it shows it in widescreen. Is their any way I can make the display bigger or in full screen.

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