5 comments on “My Dynasty Warriors Timeline (Story)

  1. This post was really touching. Dynasty Warriors has brought me so much joy, and it’s more than just a game to me. It sort of changed my life. Thank you for sharing this, and congratulations on being promoted! :D

  2. That’s some ride you’ve been on :) good that you remembered to smile along the way :D I’ve loved Dynasty Warriors since I bought it as a launch title for PS2. (Didn’t really like DW1 much either) I’m looking forward to picking up DW8 :) I still hope one day they take the difficulty back to what it was in DW3 – not like Chaos where health just comes off in large amounts, but where enemies were vicious and you couldn’t really survive unless you traveled with your allies. Oh and ally and enemy bodyguards that could do Musou attacks has been sorely missed too :)
    But I digress, keep up the good work – Koei Warriors is a great site, and your blog (though a little less updated these days) is still good.

  3. Love this. Love you.

    Didn’t realise I met you so soon after you’d joined Tecmo Koei! I still remember how enthusiastic you were at that MCM back in, what? 2008?

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