24 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 – Xbox 360 Patch Details

  1. Is there a chance we get some highly requested new functionnalities as well ?
    Two of them comes to mind :

    – When playing in Free mode or Coop, there are always two similar characters. For example, I want to play as Guo Jia at Wei Chibi (hypothetical) in Free Mode. I choose Guo Jia and….meet with Guo Jia on the battlefield. :(

    – When recruiting every officers in Ambition mode, it becomes boring. It would be a nice improvement if, once everybody is recruited and the mode completed, all your allies may fight against you again.

    Oh and I already told you, sometimes accentuated characters dissapear :(

  2. Can you do something about the Xbox360 online ranking for the game plz so many players are cheating at it

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  4. True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms achievement doesn’t unlock on both the International version & the Chinese version is there any chance it will get fixed?

  5. The True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms achievement (the achievement for unlocking all other achievements) for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Tc) (Chinese Version) and Dynasty Warriors 8 (US/International Version) on Xbox 360 is glitched. BOTH versions need a patch.

    Please fix this achievement in BOTH versions!

  6. now ya tell me! ilost my save file that way. also i as helping Lui Bei to the escape point when Zhang Lio(?twin axes) ambushed me. as i fought i pushed him through the locked gate so was unable to defeat him. restarted stage but kept clear of gate. love the new weapons, Yuelings is awesome!

  7. man i hope it comes out today, ive been waiting to play since day 1 (didnt feel like playing it in slow mo..

  8. The True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms achievement (the achievement for unlocking all other achievements) for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Tc) (Chinese Version) and Dynasty Warriors 8 (US/International Version) on Xbox 360 is glitched. BOTH versions need a patch.

    Please fix this achievement in BOTH versions!

  9. Would someone patch the brightness issues. If I can’t adjust the brightness then there shouldn’t be places that are too dark to see.

  10. Could you please fix the True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms achievement in both the Chinese Version and US/International Version of Dynasty Warriors 8

  11. I Would Really Love To Complete This Game I’ve Completed Most All Other Koei Titles , I’m Over 100-200Hrs In But Have No Desire To Play Because I’m Afraid If I Unlock 1 Of My Last 2 Achievements I Will Screw Myself Out Of 100%. Please Will You Patch ( True Warrior Of The 3 Kingdoms ) Thanks

  12. Thanks, downloaded upgrade. lightening fast attacks is what makes this game so enjoyable. Still a bit dark in some areas trying to find a narrow lane or switching direction on a ramp.

  13. Thanks a lot for your hard work and for keeping us informed! While the wait had been hard, it’s good to see you actually care about your playerbase.

    Still, because we consumers can’t never be satisfied, right? I have noticed there are still a few slowdowns in every battle as soon as there are too many soldiers on screen. Even without fire, ambushs and stuff like that. Even with the game installed and running in 720p. As there weren’t problems like this in previous Musou games, do you think other patches will roll out and try to make the whole thing a bit more smooth?

    Sorry if that post sounds a bit needy, I’m still very grateful for the hard work the Koei’s team has been doing. Thanks a lot!

  14. the PS3 version also slow down on me when ever there a large amount of enemies on the screen it not as bad as the xbox problem just saying, now that said still piss that koei once again treat their western fans like crap cause we still haven’t got the DW7E 1.03 patch and thes rest of the DLC it like the sixth game again

  15. I’m happy for all of this, but now Sima shi is constantly freezing and I can’t select him at all.

  16. Although frame rate problem and save data lost issue have been fixed in the 1.3 patch, there are still 2 issues that affect getting achievement:

    1. In the Wei scenario of Fan Castle Battle, if successfully save these three defecting generals, successfully saving “Fu Fang” message will appear twice, but there is no successfully saving “Hu Xiu” message, making despite “Successfully prevented Yu Jin from defecting!” appear, without “treasure has been discovered!” message. This glitch makes Xiahou Dun’s 5th weapon can’t get normally.

    2. In the Wei scenario of Tong Gate battle, sometimes breaking through the first gate of the three gates will bring the premature victory of this battle, resulting the impossibility of getting Wang Yi’s 5th weapon.

    These 2 glitches will make the “Collect all weapons” achievement impossible to unlock, and the “All other achievements have been unlocked” achievement also can’t unlock normally. I hope there would a patch to fix these and other issues I haven’t been discovered. Thanks for making this game to Xbox 360 platform!

  17. This is great! I’ll buy Dw8 with Xtreme Legend on my new ps3 now; but this is great for the xbox360 users :) By the way, do you know when the update 1.03 for DW7 Empires will be there? Because that’s been month that the update has been released. Thanks Chin! :D

  18. I own the game on the 360 through the online market place. There has been a series of freezing only on wei’s story missions at the first loading screen before a mission. I’ve tried to play ” battle of wan castle” over 8 times every time it freezes I reset and try again. I’ve redownloaded the game after deleting it and the dlc weapons pack 1 to make sure it wasn’t a download issue. I don’t know what to do get around this issue

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