4 comments on “Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – What’s New?

  1. All of that sounds like some really decent additions :) Any idea if the netcode has been improved? matchmaking has been very troublesome business in DOA5. Also I’m guessing Background Music on PS3 still doesn’t work – but is there at least a new music for the online lobby? There’s only so many times I could stand to hear that DOA rap thing :(

  2. I’m afraid to ask, why is there a breast movement level named DoA? I’m really worried if it means flopping all over the place xp. Also is there a retail price mentioned for DoA5U? I don’t want it biting too much in my DW/SW Game budget

  3. The original DoA’s had breast movement variables as well – though I think they put the option under ‘Age’ or something – so you increased it to exaggerate the physics. I thought it was unfortunate that fans didn’t like the movement away from the game being overly sexualised :(

  4. The “DOA” mode is supposedly what the physics for DOA5 were (and with added Sixaxis influencing), whereas “Natural” is less exaggerated, and I guess “OFF” speaks for itself.

    The Vita has the unlockable “OMG” mode which is apparently the physics going nuts, plus obviously Sixaxis support for it too. Will that feature be in DOA5 Ultimate? That’d be interesting/hilarious, though I can’t imagine what you would have to do to unlock it.

    I’m glad the option is there though. So all of the feminazis who choose to be offended can turn the physics off, shut up about it already, and just focus on the gameplay.

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