13 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 – DLC Next Week

  1. Dear Insp. Chin,

    I wonder if the Koei team is currently working on the issue regarding the number limit of DLC? I’ve reported this issue in the Japanese Voice comment section.

    So far only 15 DLCs can be initiated without crashing the game save file. To obtain a new one I need to delete an older one but it’s getting harder because at this point, I want to keep some of them in tact. Therefore it will be hard for some of us who wants to get and try out the new costumes and weapons. I personally would really like to get the new weapons, but I’ve already used 15 DLCs thus currently confused on which I should delete.

    Please let us know that the team is working on it, so at least we can wait to get these new ones in the future after the issue gets its proper patch.

    Thanks for reading, and I’d really appreciate it if there’s a follow up to this message.

    • I second this since I’m having the same problem. I think you forgot to mention that this problem only applies to Xbox 360 users.

      • Indeed, well I got a bug with the outfit of Men Huo, my freeze some times in ambition mode, when I play using japanesse voice I find bugs in the custences and story mode, ,…I got to delete my old save game because a bug when I tried to change to weapon of Jian Wei (freeze).


      • Ah yes, I forgot to say that it’s for Xbox360 (cause I already said it on my previous comment on the other thread). Thanks for the head up!

        • Yeah, I was buying all the DLC but having this bug makes me dont buy it anymore, I hope they fix it if not they put a note in all the DLC on the marketplace about the game obly capable of reading 15 DLC at the same time, I feel like robbed I’m thinking of sueing them if they continue this tendency and dont answer us

  2. Hello, like me, too many people want to know if KOEI will fix the bugs of DW8 (USA/EU). About the DLCs olds costumes I can say that is very good.

  3. Dear Chin.

    Like me, there are too many people that want to know if KOEI, will fix the remaining bugs in DW8. About the DLCs I can say that I will never buy the moderns things; because that will loose the esence of the game.

    Thanks for reading and I hope that you are not ofended.

  4. I’m I very big fan of the dynastywarriors series since I first got my hands on dw3. I think you guys at Koei are doing a very impressive job keeping the series up. Each new version seems more up dated and new keeping me well interested and excited to play, keep up the great work. I just have a question I’m holding you can answer. I’m buying the Xbox one, Will dw8 be out for that system by 2013 x-mas along with all th dlc including the weapon skins for this installment new weapon dlc?

  5. The Old costumes pack 2 hasn’t come out today.. everything else but that is available on the xbox 360 marketplace

  6. I too hope they actually care about us 360 players. I’m also getting the DLC number bug.

    First, I’d bought everything but hadnt had a chance to play much till recently. Load the game.. game data corrupted.

    I tried deleting my game install and running it from the disk, and it worked! Except online instantly fails to connect.

    So I read up and delete the sound and wallpaper DLCs and the game starts after I install it again, and I can go online. So I play a stage, equipping one of the new DLC weapons I’d earned.. and the game locks up my Xbox.

    You know, I’m kinda glad that Koei’s games will be PS4 exclusive in this upcoming generation because if this is the level of service they want to give us Xbox gamers, I’d rather they not even bother. I wouldnt waste my money on another one if they did anyway.

    • Are you serious? Do you know for sure that dynasty warriors titles will on be exclusive to the ps4? How sad to know if this is true. Where did you hear about this info?

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