7 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 Upcoming DLC – Bladebow, Paired Fans (Weapons) & More (Stages, Costumes, Themes)

  1. Yes but have they fixed the maximum amount of loaded DLC yet? Restrictions on buying more because the game might crash puts me off buying more DLC. :(

      • So you are knowingly releasing DLC that you KNOW will break the game? Nice. Please tell “The Team” that their DLC is making the Xbox version of the game litterally unplayable. I had bought all of it up until now but I will not buy another piece until it is fixed and I’m advising everybody I know with this game to do the same.

      • Dear Insp. Chin,

        Thanks a lot for the help as well as the information for the current situation :). Glad to know that the issue has reached the development team. So now we can wait for any solution before purchasing any of the new ones (which to be honest, I’m completely itching to get =_=).

        Please post a thread to let us know if ever the solution is out, or when you get further information from the Team. I’m not asking this for my own behalf, but for many other Xbox360 DW8 players who are in the same forum I frequented (I’m currently representing them all here). All I can say, I knew I could trust you with this and I’m grateful for your action and response.

        Thanks a lot man! :D

      • Sorry if I come across hostile. I don’t mean to. I literally grew up playing Tecmo Koei games. The PS2 Dynasty games. The DOA series. Fatal Frame. But lately it just feels like the Japanese branch is more and more hostile to its foreign customers. The Fatal Frame games became Japanese Wii exclusives. More and more Dynasty games skip the Xbox 360 (despite having earlier games ON the system.. DW7 Empires? XL?).

        So when Koei allows bugs that it KNOWS exist continue to cause problems and still try and get us to buy DLC that we KNOW will only further break a broken game, that is only broken because they are too lazy to support “that gaijin xbox”, its a betrayal. Its a slap in the face. I really hope you can print this off, translate it, and read it to whoever is in control over there. They are making an active effort to ruin what has been one of my favorite game companies and it needs to stop right now.

      • Glad to hear you raised the issue.

        But what about the duplicate listing (and wrong pricing) for the “New Weapon Pack Set 2” when one of them was supposed to be the “Old Costume Pack 2?”

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