16 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC for December 4th

  1. Loving this DLC, but I still get the feeling that the game itself was rushed. The English voice acting is amazing, but, when compared to the Japanese version, there is a fair bit of dialogue missing. It would have been nice to have the narrator from the previous games return. I’d have paid to have that kind of DLC.

    Anyways, all the Koei fan sites are talking about Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. Have you heard any talk about a Western release? A localized version (English dub) would be a perfect addition to the lackluster Playstation 4 lineup. Seeing how it received a place at the latest major Sony Japan event, I figured it was guaranteed, but now I’m not sure.

    • I have no doubts that certain members of the TK family, such as Insp Chin and the TK Europe branch cares about us outside Japan but lately all I’m feeling is contempt from the “home branch”. Most especially on the Xbox. Its like they feel we should be grateful to be given the priveledge to buy buggy, incomplete versions of their Japanese Playstation games.

      • I wrote a post addressing my concerns with the Warriors series going forward http://clancop.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/a-dying-breed-koeis-warriors-franchise/ (I know, everyone has blog) so tell me what you think there. I have two other posts in the works, but I haven’t found the time to sit down and finish them (writer’s block and a feeling that Tecmo Koei really couldn’t care what myself or others say about the series).

        As for what Tecmo Keoi is and isn’t doing, I can tell you that not releasing Samurai Warriors 2 + Xtreme Legends + Empires HD (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGlK6fs_A98) to the West isn’t winning them points with me. They have all the English voices already recorded and yet, the simple act of doing a quick localization of a title many Warriors fans, including myself loved, is out of the question. Call it Japanese arrogance, like Keiji Inafune did, but Tecmo Koei and other Japanese game companies have this bizarre idea of what Western audiences want and don’t want. It’s like Capcom saying there won’t be anymore Sengoku Basara games released in the West because “there is no audience for that series.” Tell that to FUNimation who’s now on there third printing of seasons 1 and 2 of the anime.

        Surprisingly, the one thing they did right was paying for advertising this time around. Sure IGN and the rest were more than happy to give Dynasty Warriors 8 a somewhat fair shake after Tecmo Koei paid them to advertise it. Mind you, I think they should have spent some of that money bring back the narrator from the past games and paying someone to give the game’s script another look. Some of the errors are forgivable, others, not so much.

        I’m still waiting on news concerning whether or not the PS4 is going to get a Dynasty Warriors 8 + Xtreme Legends fully localized. Until then, I’ll enjoy Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and Dynasty Warriors 8 and all the DLC I spent a ridiculous amount of money buying. Seriously, I better not find out that the PS4 is getting DOA 5 Ultimate with all the DLC I’ve already bought. If so, they better sell the game at a discounted price.

        • It’s not like we don’t want to release the games here. We want to release everything and as many as possible to overseas. Although I’m in charge in Europe but America is the biggest market, if it’s a no from them, there’s no chance for us to do so for the 2nd tier (yeah, that’s how Japan sees things). But we constantly push as much as we can to do our best.

          • I have to say that I’m grateful for the reply. It’s nice to know that someone is listening to us gamers. Far too often are emails/tweets not replied to. Mind you I sent Tecmo Koei America an email addressing the numerous glitches I have come across in Dynasty Warriors 8, hoping for a patch to fix them and I haven’t gotten a reply.

            In any event, I’d really like to know how these decisions are made. To me, at least, it seems that the people in America don’t know what they’re doing. It’s not simply Tecmo Koei, but other companies like Capcom as well. If costs of localization are a problem, why not turn to companies that already have established teams? Save some money and outsource the work. Also cut corners if you need to. How many new lines need to be recorded? Can’t they just reuse previously recorded dialogue? I would have been happy having the soldiers camp dialogue from DW7 simply brought into DW8 with a few new recorded lines. Any English dialogue would have been better than silence.

            I have been playing the Warriors franchise since Dynasty Warriors 2. Yes I have my complaints with the series. Aside from those discussed in the post I posted, character design is a major one. Why all the J-Pop wannabees? Give us mature looking generals/generals in realistic armor (as Keiji Inafune, games should be designed with the intent of please more than just Japanese audiences). I loved the Romance of the Three Kingdoms pre-order costumes for Zhao Yun and Sun Shangxiang.

            With all that said, I intend to keep supporting the Warriors franchise. Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are two of my favourite games, and I’m hoping Tecmo Koei keeps bringing them to Western audiences.

            • Those decisions were all down to Japan. They constantly had a poll up asking Japanese players to vote for what they like so they designed based on the taste of audience considering Warriors titles are AAA in Japan so Japan and Asia are main focus.

              As for the overseas, we always have problems to bring it over in no matter localisation cost for the heavy text and voicing, there’s always a problem to reach the certain target.

              If you can’t reach the sales target, you can’t bring it over. If you can’t cover the localisation cost, you can’t bring it over. If you don’t reach certain target or meeting specification, you get penalty. So all are down to many decision to make it possible to bring it to overseas.


              • Thank you for the quick reply.

                I have a degree in economics, so I understand what goes into making these decisions. I have also taken course in marketing, so I do understand the importance of reaching a target audience.

                I also know of the character polling that is done to gauge the Japanese response to Warriors characters. The highest ranked characters get wallpapers and special DLC costumes. What about the lowest ranked characters? For example, Huang Gai and Tokugawa Ieyasu usually place near the bottom. Why aren’t they redesigned? For characters who have slipped in ranking, take a look at their design and weaponry from previous titles when they were popular. For those who have never been the least bit popular, remake them.

                All in all I don’t understand some of the decisions being made. Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors were supposed to be the more realistic historical battlefield simulations while other series like Capcom’s Sengoku Basara were not. It just looks silly to myself others that everyone else, from the foot solider to the faceless enemy general is wearing realistic looking armour and carrying realistic weapons and the playable characters look like J-Pop idols carrying absurd weapons (Who came up with Zhang Bao and Guan Ping’s weapons?). There are numerous types/styles of armour and hundreds of different historical Chinese and Japanese weapons. Instead of getting (bad) ideas from anime/manga/etc, why crack open a history book?

                I’m not saying all playable characters should have the same armour. I’m saying that regardless of what the end result looks like, it should at least look somewhat realistic. Sanada Yukimura’s armour, to me at least, has always done that. Even with a “flag” draped over him in Samurai Warriors 3, underneath that was believable samurai armour. I was happy to see Sun Ce have a somewhat similar design Dynasty Warriors 8, with cloth draped over believable leather armour. I’d honestly like to see more of that in future titles.

                Any event, thanks for listen to me rant. I’d still like to know if we can expect Dynasty Warriors 8 + Xtreme Legends for the PS4 localized and whether or not Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is coming to the PS4 as well. The screenshots and videos I’ve seen of the former really impress me and I’d bet DOA5U would look just as amazing as well on the PS4 if given the same treatment.

  2. Are there any chances to get the Character Images Songs dlc’s as well in Europe…? I really wan’t them in my Game…

  3. So they are looking into the game freezing up on the Story mission loading screen if you use DLC. It sucks not being able to us the stuff you paid for on all the modes of the game.

  4. i have been play Dynasty Warriors since Dynasty Warriors 4, i glad that you guys are working on fixing the dlc limit problem for the game because then i can get the rest of the DLC so you guys can(I hope) get Dynasty Warriors 8 +Xtreme Legends fully localized and release in America so we all can play it. i hope the patch that will fix the DLC limit problem will be out soon.

  5. My apologies for taking this here, but it seems SCEE is ignoring me and the others mentioning it.

    It seems that this DLC set was never added to the store in some European countries, at the least the Dutch store and the Portuguese store.

    I’d figure you have a directer line to Sony than any of us…

    Thanks in advance.

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