10 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 – Final DLC with Exclusive Content

  1. Oh god yes, I’ve wanted the Famitsu costumes for Xing Cai and Ying Ping for a while. I had lost hope for it coming over seas to us, but i guess i was mistaken. Shame we won’t be getting the 7up Zhao Yun costume though.

  2. Yes thank you for coming through on this. I really wanted that zhen ji costume that I was about to buy the japanese version of the game and that magazine just to have that costume.

  3. Hey, guess what? Got the new Xbox patch, loaded a DLC weapon and started a story mode mission.. hard freeze. Pass on to the home office that its for the best that they just give up on non-Japanese hardware. They clearly don’t want to invest any time doing it correctly, and all my friends that own DW8 say we’re never spending another cent on a Koei product on the Xbox.

  4. i noticed for the dw5 dlc costumes, pang de and zuo ci don’t have their costumes from dw5 was it left out by mistake and what about zhao yun’s 7up costume that one is cool maybe a japan exclusive just like yuanji’s costumes and weapons

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  6. I really want the old costume pack 5 (with the costumes from dw3) but i can’t find it anywhere! Have they removed it or something? I want to buy it soo much.

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