8 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 – Patch Incoming for Xbox 360 Users with Limited DLC Issue

  1. Is there something else in the patch ?
    Anyway, it’s good to see Japanese team is taking care of 360 western players.

  2. I’m glad we did the right thing by reporting this to you… Thanks a lot Insp.Chin!
    But on the downside, it’s taking quite a while (not your fault ;D) that I actually had almost forgotten about this issue and haven’t played the game for quite some time because of it. Good to know that it;s getting the well-deserved fix soon though, so I can play it again.
    Once again, thanks alot! And looking forward for the official announcement of the patch!

  3. Are we ever getting the PS3 Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires 1.03 patch? There are many in US and such waiting for that patch still.

  4. Does this patch help with the Japanese Voices DLC? I got the update yesterday but the game still freezes up when trying to load any level in story mode with the JP voices turned on…

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