67 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends & Complete Edition – Coming Spring 2014

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      • Because Koei hates Xbox gamers. All their Xbox games are substandard and incomplete compared to their Playstation counterparts; DW7 never got the XL/Empires expansions, and DW8 has been a broken, bug ridden mess for months.

        I thought maybe they learned their lesson with 7 so I stupidly got 8 for the Xbox. A mistake I’ll never repeat. At least now I’ll have something to play on my Vita.

        • Not precisily, the actual matter is that the Xbox is not a big thing outside of the US and UK. Japanese gamers dont really care for the system so Japanese companies like Tecmo Koei tend to not develop or pay attention to it.

          • And yet we got DW7 but none of its expansions. We got 8 and again, no expansions, plus extra bugs and extremely long waits for patches. That takes malice. It would be easier if they just stopped development for the system entirely.

            • that would just be terrible because I love DW games and I only own xbox(both 360&One) and not really enterested in getting the ps4… so, that would just suck for me if they did that.

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    • From some of the videos I’ve seen of people playing on the japanese verision, it should work just fine just look up some game play videos on youtube and you should be able to find some easily.

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  7. Question: Do you know if we’ll be able to transfer our save file and DLCs for the PS4 version (for those who had the PS3 version I mean)? I feel like a sucker trying to finish the game on PS3 not knowing if I’ll have to start anew on the PS4…

    • Need to get confirmation early next year as the I’m not in the office until 6th of January, if you’re getting PS3 version of XL it should be able to carry over. However, PS4 is a complete package – just like PS4 cannot play PS3 game – more like a technical issues. So it’s most unlikely in my sense and point of view, but then I’m not from the development team, I’ll ask them..

      • I will definitely get the PS4 version, ’cause it looks way better.
        I hope I won’t have to buy all the DLC once again ! This would be a major disapointment for me !
        Please confirm this as soon as possible.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply!

        Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of any other games doing so, but it’s to be expected since the PS4 game library is still small and I don’t own a PS4 yet. I know you’re not part of the dev team, but I thought that maybe a save exporting feature similar to the one that will be in the PS3 XL game could be used to read the base PS3 DW save file via a USB key or something similar.

        As for the DLC, if it’s still DLC and not extra on-disk content for the complete version, I’m guessing it could be a retroactive dual buy like they do for some PS3/PSV on the PS Store.

        Anyway, I know this is all speculation and you can’t answer our questions at the moment, but I thank you for considering them. You rock! :D


    I have to say I’m relieved that this was finally announced. After downloading the last batch of DLC last night for Dynasty Warriors 8 for the PS3, I spent an hour just surfing the internet looking for information as to whether or not this would be seeing a localized English release. Thank you for putting up this post.

    In any event, I’m REALLY! hoping for an English narrator this time around. Camp dialogue would be a big plus, but I an English narrator, especially from the one from Dynasty Warriors 6 and 7 would make this game a whole lot better. That, and someone to go through and clean up the English text (a lot of spelling mistakes).

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  11. Wow, I actually had hopes that KOEI would have learned from DW7 and decided not to majorly disappoint their Xbox fans this time around..
    Very disappointed, this company really does not care about its Western fans at all, it seems.

    • They care about their western fans.. as long as they own Playstations. Unfortunately this is a common bias among Japanese developers and the main reason why I’m getting a PS4 first this generation. Early on in the last gen, there was more Japanese support of the 360 because it was cheaper to buy but when the PS3’s price fell, it dried up almost entirely.

      I guess I can’t really blame them for supporting what sells at home more but what they don’t realize is if they produced quality content for the Xbox (And, you know, didn’t wait several months to patch game breaking issues) they would make more money putting games out on both systems. They’d actually lose money just to bolster the home team so to speak.

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  15. Pretty sure that the PS3 version is only getting the expansion since DW8 is already on PS3.

    If the PS3 saves can’t work on the PS4…………can it at least work on the PS Vita? There are games that can swap saves between the PS3 and Vita.

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  17. This is good news but I have a few questions. For someone like me who have never owned a dynasty warriors game ever, I am confused about a few things. What is the difference between DW8 and this upcoming DW8XL for PS3? Is DW8XL like some sort of definitive version of vanilla DW8? I am planning to purchase DW8 but I am confused about whether this upcoming XL version is going to be a full priced game ($60) or some sort of DLC add-on. If I purchase the vanilla DW8 for PS3 right now, would I be able to somehow add the XL additional content onto the vanilla version? Perhaps the upcoming XL version is full game combined with XL content? Thank you for reading.

    • I’d say wait and see. There’s always a HUGE difference between Vanilla DWs and the XL Expansions. XL Expansions tend to have more Game Modes, more Characters, more weapons and a richer Story. If I were you I’d just wait for it in 2014, regardless of PS3, Vita, or PS4. You’d be better off. And no, it will not be full $60. It’ll probably be $30 (both Digital and Retail) but that’s honestly just an estimate off of previous XL Expansions. No you couldn’t add the Saved Data together, they’re traditionally separate (that’s why you see both Games get Retail Copies and they always re-release DLC from DW8 on DW8:XL) HOWEVER if you were to buy DLC from DW8 you could still use it on DW8:XL. Also if you REALLY wanted to combine DW8:Vanilla with DW8:XL then you’d have to buy a PS4/Vita. Since the Complete Edition already does just that. Hopefully this reaches you before you buy. Enjoy.

  18. The holiday cheer has come early for me this year Thanks InspChin. I believe next year will bring great things for KT staff and the community. Please Chin is Dynasty Gundam Warriors 4 or Shin Gundam Musou next to be announced? Thanks for an exciting year and Saw your Xmas gift on Twitter, Man Oh Man He is a big present. He wasn’t even wrapped up? XD

    • Yes it does, but its not surprising. Their support this gen was a fluke because the Xbox was cheaper initially. I don’t expect to see any Japanese games that aren’t huge series (Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, etc.) on the Xbox One.

      • I mean just look at the “Tales” games from Namco. Vesperia- started off as an Xbox 360 exclusive Tales game. A major Japanese series with an Xbox exclusive entry.. that floored me. Then the PS3 came down in price and they got Vesperia. With new content. That never left Japan.

        I hate that Japanese game companies seem to be so nationalist but that’s the reality. Going forward, if you like Japanese exclusives more than Western ones, buy a PS4 and/or Vita or you’re going to be missing out.

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  21. I thank you for your speedy localization efforts Inspector Chin! Also it is admirable to see you bringing over every version you can. Keep up the great work!

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  27. About PS4’s Complete addition, will both games have their own Trophy Lists and platinums?

    Please include them them both for us Trophy Hunters.

    Thank You

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    • No it doesn’t, but that isn’t a big deal. The PS4’s DW8XLCE is just a MUCH better game. There are numerous tweaks to how the game plays (ex: small fixes in how weapons behave) as well as a variety of visual changes. It is more than a graphical upgrade.

  30. so I am kinda annoyed right now….at Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends..why are we only getting dlc costumes for Dynasty Warriors 8 characters and not any of the new ones? I mean it’s not like anyone from DW8 has a lot of options for costumes…not cool :( and don’t get me started on the Xtreme Legend characters who got zero love

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