35 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 Save Data to Xtreme Legends & Complete Edition

  1. Nice to know, but what about DLC we bought for the PS3 version? Will it be available in the PS4 version or do we need to buy it again?

    • I would think its included, that’s generally the norm for a re-release with new content. Plus, if you have a save where, X character is equipped with X DLC weapon and you loaded that save, it could cause issues. Same thing with saving your stats in DLC stages, your settings for DLC costumes, etc. You’d think not having the DLC there could seriously screw up your file.

      • My concern is that I use DLC bought from a different profile on my Playstation 3. But I know that using an item bought with a different profile on the Playstation 4 isn’t possible. Do you know if the DLC just come with the save file or will it be exclusive to the profile that bought the weapons/costumes?
        I’m getting the game on the PS4 regardless, I just hope I can use the weapons and costumes I’ve come to know and love.

      • Thanks, Chin <3 <3

        One question, do you know if there will be some kind of multiplayer cross-play between the 3 platforms?

        • The game supports Cross-Play as well, you can play online with people that have a different platform’s version of the game in the ‘Matching’ settings, which means for example: a PS4 player can play online with a PS4, PS Vita or PS3 player, or vice versa.

          • wow, that’s perfect.

            If I’m right you can use the PS Vita like the Wii U’s second screen in Warriors Orochi 3 if you have de game on both platforms (PS3 or PS4 and PS Vita) but with 2 machines with the advantages that it implies.

  2. Please try to add both the Dynasty Warriors 8 XL trophy list with platinum and DW8’s original trophy list with its own platinum, PS4 Complete Edition.

    Thank You

        • Go take a look at Playstationtrophies.org & xboxachievements.org you’d be stupid to ignore that enormous community of players. Dont you know anything about game development you dont make a game for a specific player it would simply not sell well you must cater to every type of player to trigger mass or atleast increased popularity.

  3. If I have the digital download version of DW8 on PS3, could I use the upload/download feature for XL PS3?

  4. That is a good news. Gotta play back to level up every characters.
    By the way, do you have some news about the Cross Buy I asked last time ?

    • I’ll ask you for my fellow french player, do you know if the Complete Edition will have a multi-language or english only ?

  5. Great news! I’m waiting for DW8XL to come out to get my PS4. 2 questions though:
    – Is PS+ needed to transfer save data from the PS3 to PS4 version through the cloud?
    – Can you transfer DW8 save data from PS3 to PS4 via USB drive?

  6. Are you very sure that DW8 (PS3) to DW8XL/DW8+XL (PS3/PS4/PSV) is bi-directional? Both the Japanese Version and Taiwanese Version of Shin Sangoku Musou 7 is uni-directional (I have both), there is only a “cloud upload” and no “cloud download” in the options.

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  8. Just to confirm, you can play Dynasty Warriors 8(Original) PS4 version and bring back to save to Dynasty Warriors 8(Original) PS3 if you want to continue on PS3? And back and forth as you please?

    I ask because if the PS4’s DW8(Original) from the Complete Edition doesen’t have trophies im just going to play the PS4 version and bring the save to the PS3 to unlock the trophies from DW8(Original PS3.)


  9. Hi, will there be a fix to the Japanese voice DLC in DW8 (PS3)? I always get stuck on loading screens when I play using it.

  10. When is the patch for the PS3 version supposed to come out so we can upload the data or are we supposed to use the playstation plus feature to upload the save into Sony’s cloud save?

  11. Do you know if a save data created on the English PS3 version of the base game can be used on the Japanese PS4 version of the Complete Edition?

    And, is there Japanese Voiceover (either built-in or DLC) for the English version of PS4 Complete Edition?

  12. Does xtreme legends come with the dlc from vanilla dynasty warriors 8 or do you still have to buy the seperately?

  13. As trivial as it may or may not be…

    Do I have to collect all the trophies on Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3 version) and keep the disc?
    Or can I get DW Xtreme legends and do both trophy listings for that AND xtreme legends?

  14. It seems as if they’re avoiding the dlc question.I have dlc I payed for also and would like to use. I don’t have the ps3 dw8 to transfer data. So will it be a update for this or did we just lose out and also…is it.possible to transfer data via usb?

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