13 comments on “Dynasty Warriors 8 Patch (Ver.01.03) – Out Today for PS3!

  1. Yes! I am so glad there is an option to upload my PS3 save data to my Vita! I’m so looking forward to having Dynasty Warriors 8 on the go.

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  3. As happy as I am for us getting the 8 XL game, I’m kinda wondering if this means the release of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate has been cancelled overseas. I was really looking forward to that one, almost as much as Samurai Warriors 3 Empires, and the 2 Warriors 3ds games we never got to play.

  4. And again, we Xbox owners get left out of bugfixes.. honestly I’m kinda glad Koei has abandoned their Xbox fans, they didn’t seem competant enough to actually make a working game on those systems anyway.

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    • I was just wondering if by any chance they would release the dw6 and original costumes for the ps4 along with the other weapons previously released on ps3

  6. just wondering….is there going to be DW8XL japanese dub?i find Zhang Liao’s new english dub somewhat….lame. like, “someone kicked his crotch and his voice is stuck on high pitch” bad.

  7. It appears that this patch also brings back the massive lag that came from the original unpatched version.

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