8 comments on “Just An Update

    • For PS3 becasue of a policy which the game can only be retail if it has the full package, which include English dub, but Koei refuse just to cut cost. There is a reason why Sony has that policy, because they know that having English dub, consumers is willingly to buy it.

  1. sorry but, in Koei’s FB page where is an image of the package for the PS3, which news is right? ^^”

  2. Hope your family is doing alright, and glad we got news eventually. The waiting around for it, compiled with murky localization (I’m still furious about not getting Samurai Warriors 3 XL or Samurai Warriors 3 Empires), makes every passing month feel like we’re not getting anything at all.

  3. Any news on Dynasty Warriors 8:CE/XL getting a Japanese language DLC yet for ps3/ps4/steam? Its strange that voices aren’t working the same way as they did in DW7 :(

  4. As a Musou fan it’s great, with that said, I won’t be supporting it anymore due to the fact that Koei is still refusing to make the Musou games dual language, WO3U and Samurai Warriors 4. It should be an industry standard for these games to have dual languages because are some English Speaking fans who actually prefer English dub over Japanese sub. They way I see this is like Microsoft shoving Kinect in the fans’ throat, not giving them options and look what happened. Just because Koei thinks it wouldn’t sell that they want to cut cost not knowing that by doing that they will you alot of supporters, no joke. I have talk to some who are in the same boat as I am who just ask to have English dub in the game, not a collector edition. Give consumers option. Look at Bravely Default, sold well, maybe Koei should take note of that. Seriously what happened, Koei used to do it, but ever since WO3, it’s becoming a norm to not include English dub. Is this what I get for being a long time Musou supporter since the PS2, to not give me option and shove Japanese sub in my throat, that’s dis-hearthing, right now, Koei is fighting me, giving me a reason not to support them. There is a reason why Sony enforce that rule of including English dub, it’s consider part of the full package and consumers will not buy games if it does not have the language in that respective country. Adding to that is sell the game at full price even on part of the package is missing, i.e. English dub, that’s disappointing. I really hope the Koei will consider offering a paid English Dub DLC for English speaking fans. This is not 2005 where voices is not considered part of the game’s package, it’s 2014. Well good luck maintaining some of the supporters because if this keeps up, Koei will lose more supporters due to the fact that they are NOT LISTENING TO “ALL” THEIR FANS, lok what happened to Capcom, they did not listen to their fans and paid the price.

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