8 comments on “Q1 2016: I Had to Blog Something..

  1. whoa a new blog post =o

    can you persuade the devs to release SW4E in PC, at PS4 quality? SW4-2 was a bit of a letdown since i had controller issues. i remember the time when Koei games never have that, and i can just plug in my really cheap gamepad (complete with blinding flashing LEDs!) and play Warriors Orochi all day without problem

  2. It looks like a strong lineup. I’ve already pre-ordered the Night’s of Azure LE from NISA since it looked interesting.

    But I also have a couple of constructive suggestions:

    – I know a friend from EU who brought the American Escha & Logy Plus release from NISA, he was really happy with it except the voice dlc from his EU psn account wasn’t compatible. But there is a workaround fix for this, I heard Sony has a patching system for the games, and the patches are compatible with all regions, so this issue could be fixed by adding Japanese Voicing through patch updating, so those who wants to keep English voices don’t have to update, and those who want Japanese voices can just update. This way everyone from Europe can buy the American Cartridge and get the Japanese voice support.

    – I already bought all 3 Arland Trilogy games, but if you can make NISA make a Limited Edition run of them for PSVita, I would re-buy them again without doubt since physical cartridge is very useful.

    • I have passed the message to the global team in Japan. I’m not sure what is their action but the message has been passed through a week before and last week. Thanks.

  3. I really hope you can release the PS Vita version of Nights of Azure, even if it’s after the PS4 version. PS4 version is not an option for me :/

  4. Any updates on how the DLC for Arslan is going to work? There’s a ton of DLC for the Japanese version and it’s a little messy to be honest. Hopefully the western release organises them into packs or something.

  5. The Nights of Azure website is AMAZING. Warms my heart to see so much effort/detail put towards a GUST game… Congrats to whoever was in charge for that <3

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